Becoming a Member

WI membership is for any woman who wants to join her local WI group and regularly attend meetings. These can currently be a mixture of virtual as well as physical meetings. Each WI is unique and Tredington and Blackwell WI will be happy to discuss our WI’s benefits and calendar of events with prospective members.

Our monthly WI meetings give members the chance to meet up in person and make new friends, try new activities, listen to interesting speakers and campaign on issues that matter to them.

We hold at least 11 meetings a year, each with a different topic or theme and this is listed in our Programme.

After discussing official business, including updates from the regional and national level of the organisation, members will often take part in an activity or hear from one or more speakers. Activities can range from arts and crafts, cookery and fitness tasters, to games, quizzes and campaigning efforts. Speakers may include inspirational members, figures from the local community, authors, activists and even celebrities.

From April to September we meet in Tredington WI Hall at 7.00pm on the second Thursday in the month with light refreshments.  From October to March our meetings move to 1pm commencing with delicious soup and a roll.

For further information please contact the President, Trish Harding (01789 740185) or email:  or the Secretary, Gill Goodlad or email:

You are welcome to come to our friendly meetings to see if we are the WI for you. For visitors, the first meeting attended is free, but there will be a small charge for subsequent meetings or until you become a WI member.  There is no limit to the number of times a visitor can attend our WI meetings.

Dual Membership
If you already belong to a WI and would also like to join Tredington and Blackwell WI, you can do so as a dual member.

Associate Membership
Are you unable to attend regular meetings at your local WI and would still like to become a member of the largest women’s organisation in the UK? Then you can join as an associate Find out more and sign up online today.

WI Member pays a subscription fee to cover the cost of her membership and to help with running the organisation. The 2023 national subscription is £46, which is split between the WI, Federation and the NFWI to help with running individual groups and the organisation as a whole.  Tredington and Blackwell WI apply a ‘flexibility policy’ to their 2023/24 subscription rates.

Dual members
Dual members pay an additional £22.60 to their second WIs, on top of their main subscription. There is no pro-rata rate for dual membership; the fee is set for the year.

Pro-rata subscriptions for new members
A new member joining the WI for the first time (or who has not been a member of any WI in the 12 months prior to their joining the WI) pays a pro-rata subscription. This depends on when she joins, as shown below.

Date of joining in 2023Total subscription rate
1 April to 30 June£46.00
1 July to 30 Sept£34.50
1 Oct to 31 Dec£23.00
1 Jan to 31 March 2023£11.50

Associate members
Associate members pay an annual subscription of £52.

Member Benefits:
WI members are entitled to a great range of benefits. Find out more!

A WI Membership gives you:

  • Friendship
  • Both virtual and physical events at local, federation and national level
  • Room to contribute your own ideas for speakers, activities, and events
  • Life-long learning and self-development opportunities including accredited courses awarded by Laser Learning Awards
  • The opportunity to meet like-minded women from different backgrounds
  • An outlet to make a difference through campaigning and getting involved in your local community
  • Access to large scale campaign groups such as the Climate Coalition
  • Become a Climate Ambassador
  • A place for self-expression – each WI is unique and shaped by its members
  • The chance to help influence how the organisation is run by joining your WI committee, federation board or even the National Board of Trustees
  • Denman at Home
  • Regular newsletters and mailing with the latest news, events and opportunities open to you
  • Eight copies of WI Life, the WI magazine delivered directly to your door
  • Exclusive access to My WI, the WI member-only website
  • Exclusive offers and discounts in the Membership Booklet and additional book of offers in the Summer and at Christmas
  • Competitions
  • National Gallery talks
  • Walking Netball Sessions – Walking Netball is a slower, more inclusive, version of the game; it is Netball but at a walking pace. The game has been designed so that anyone can play regardless of age, physical ability or fitness level
  •  NFWI has teamed up with IAM Road Smart, to create an ongoing driver development partnership aimed at boosting drivers’ skills and confidence
  • Expertise in craft, baking and gardening projects
  • Natural Heritage Tree Project